1-800-FL-Agent is a FREE 

Broker & Agency referral service

Executive Asset Management confidently  recommends Only quality agents to serve your Brokerage needs everywhere in Florida

Executive Asset Management will donate a portion of all proceeds towards those efforts that seek to protect and preserve, Florida & it's natural resources. 

Our Commitment

At Executive Asset Management our mission is to connect clients to the most qualified, Florida-licensed agents that can help them best achieve their asset and financial decisions

Our Mission

Our Promise

Our promise is and will remain to Florida and Floridians. We realize that our success parallels unequivocally our ability to make our clients successful. We promise to confidentially & unbiasedly stay committed to helping you achieve your goals.  

Our Story

Executive Asset Management 'EAM' was started in the summer of 2017 by Andrew Davis, but it wasn't until the fall of 2019 that EAM would marry with 1-800-FL-Agent and begin its journey into being the premier financial, agency and brokerage referral service in Florida and several other states.


Andrew Davis earned his bachelors in financial management at Webber International University in late 2016. After graduating, Andrew went on to attend law school for a very brief time and withdrew.

"It became very evident to me, that I could make a bigger difference in the world for people and do it sooner if I left and began something I was passionate about"

While earning his undergraduate degree Andrew also earned his Florida Real Estate License and dove into the industry, later earning his Brokers License and several other designations. Several years in his real estate career he began to understand a pattern among things his clients said about the process.

For starters clients mentioned they often had dealt with more than one agent before closing their transaction, they referred to the calls, texts and emails from solicitors as "an attack", and many were concerned about how many of these companies already had their personal information. Sellers complained about agents who mislead them on the value of their home,costing them time and money.

We knew there had to be better, safer, more efficient and ultimately easier way to find a professional to help you make one of the most important decisions in your life. It became remarkably obvious that clients of any kind of 'agent" transaction were making wildly similar complaints. The one thing that each of these transactions had in common was that the service providers were bound by a fiduciary relationship. This meant that every agent had a legally binding duty to act in each clients best individual interest. This where EAM's vision began to take shape. There are an overwhelming number agents in the state of Florida, some are better than others. The real question lies with which agent is best geared to help you succeed with your specific goal. Not which agent was willing to pay the most to get your information. 


EAM was started to that clients who were serious about reaching their financial goals could call one number and find the absolute best agent for them. Agents that EAM selects based on testimonials, industry statistics and capacity. EAM never charges a monthly fee for agents to be a part of our network. Instead we work tirelessly to select & continually update our Executive Network of trusted professionals. 

One might wonder how we expect to keep our lights on with all this free superior networking we offer. Andrew Davis insisted on making florida natural beauty, the very essence of what makes people want to liver here, want to be here.  Thats because each agent in out network has made a promise to do the same. Each time you allow EAM to put you in touch with one of the agents in our Executive Network, those agents make a donation on your behalf to help preserve the very thing that gives us our livelihood, that is the raw beauty of the state of Florida. 


So every time you call 1-800- FL- Agent and let us connect you with one of our exclusive agents that agent is committed to you, his fiduciary responsiblity and taking care of the place we call home, Florida.